Top 9 Best Anonymous Texting Apps For Android 2017

There are so many applications are available to send free unlimited text messages includes WhatsApp, Hike, IMO etc. Of course, these apps will make your life easier but there are no ways to send an anonymous text message to prank your friends. Because its reveals the identity and easy to trace the number.

If you want to prank your friends and confuse them with an anonymous message then there are several anonymous texting apps are available in the play store.  This app lets you send text anonymously and hide the identity of the user.

The anonymous texting app is not commonly using like the WhatsApp or Hike. So it’s difficult to find ideal one, here we have shortlisted 9 best anonymous texting apps for android 2017.

Note: Use these anonymous messaging apps with caution, ethical way and never ever use it a negative way. If you do anything wrong manner then the respective authorities in the country can easily track your number and device

#1.  Mustache Anonymous Texting SMS

Anonymous Texting Apps

Mustache Anonymous Texting SMS is one of the best android free anonymous texting apps to prank your friend or family. This app will allow you to send and receive text messages anonymously. The application will keep the phone number hidden and it completely safeguarded your privacy. The messages that you are sending and receiving are completely private. The best part of Mustache Anonymous Texting SMS app is that it will works on tablets without having a SIM card on it.

#2. Anonymous Texting

Anonymous Texting is a great anonymous messaging app comes with a Real anonymous number. The incoming messages are completely free but only 3 credits are free for outgoing messages.So after the 3 credits, you should earn free credits or purchase it from in-app.This application allows you to send text from a new unknown phone number and also you can create so many real texting phone numbers.

#3.  Text Me - Free Texting & Calls

Text Me - Free Texting & Calls apps give you a virtual phone number and you can use it for anonymous texting and call. With this app, you can send unlimited text messages to any person in US, Canada, Mexico and it is available in 40 other countries. The sending text and calls are actually free and it also provides Free HD Voice and Video Calling features.

#4.  Private Text Messaging+Calling on New Phone number

Private Text Messaging+Calling on New Phone number is developed by CoverMe Inc. This app will help you to send an anonymous message and you can also make secure private phone calls. With this app, you can secretly share the private photos, videos, documents, etc.The CoverMe Private Vault will keep your personal data encrypted format so if your device is lost or left, then you don’t worry because personal info will be absolutely safe.

#5.  Whisper

Whisper is the best app to send anonymous texts. It’s offer an online community and it is used by millions of people. You can share the thoughts, chat with the Whisper user, trade advice etc. This application will allow you to create funny memes and you can share it with your friends.

#6. Popcorn Messaging

Popcorn Messaging

Popcorn Messaging is one of the simple anonymous texting applications. It can be used to chat anonymously with people in the 1-mile distance. So this application is ideal for college going students and employees to prank their friends. It has a very simple and effective interface.

#7.  Psst! Anonymous

Psst! Anonymous app is a social network platform. Here you can make new friends and send free secret messages to your friends.It will all encrypt all the anonymous text that you are sending and receiving. Everything o the app is temporary and once you read the message it will delete all the details immediately.

#8.  Anonymous Texting By bGeek Communication

Anonymous Texting By bGeek Communication is currently available in the US and UK. It will provide complete privacy so your phone number will be hiding and replace it with another number. It helps you to send and receive anonymous text messages. There is an over half a million users have downloaded it and it sending and receiving more than 5 million messages. It will work on tablets and doesn’t need a SIM card.

#9.  ImNot.Me Anonymous texting

ImNot.Me Anonymous texting is one of the new anonymous text messaging apps. It allows you to send SMS anonymously to across the globe and you can schedule the message. It will give you a notification after the message is delivered and you can resend the message if you wish.


These were the great free anonymous texting apps for Android. Use these apps to hide your identity and prank your friends. Never ever use this apps in unethical manner.