10 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Tricks

Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus with an amazing rear and front cameras. Both the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus feature a 12MP Dual Pixel Rear camera with f/1.7 lens, PDAF, OIS, auto HDR and Pro mode.

Whereas the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus houses an 8MP front camera with autofocus and f/1.7 lens. The front camera is providing standard images at low light photos.

Both devices come with amazing features including beauty mode, selective focus, photo filter,  wide angle selfies and much more. Here are Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera tricks to capture impressive pictures.


#1. Quick Launch Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 have the opinion to quick launch the camera app by double-pressing the physical home button. The user can launch the camera app from inside an application and screen is off or on. But this time Samsung has ditched the home button on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, so the Quick Camera app Launch is not accessible.

By default, the user can launch the camera app on Samsung Galaxy S8, by double-pressing the power button. It will show a pop to Turn Off or Keep On, the user can choose the option.

If the user quick to dismiss the pop-ups and turned off the shortcut, then go into the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus settings and to turn it back on - Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Tricks.

Here’s how to turn it back on.

Go to Settings button >> Select Advanced Features>> Turn on  Quick Launch Camera


#2. Quickly Change Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus provide two super easy methods to quickly switch between the primary and secondary cameras. The first method is double-clicking the power button and swipes the screen.

If the camera app of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus is open then double-click the power button to switch between the primary and secondary cameras.

Next is, swipe the screen to quickly switch between the cameras and there is no matter between swiping up or down. If you are holding the device in landscape mode then apply a horizontal swipe for switching - Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Tricks.


#3. Enable a floating camera button

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus have bigger displays so its bit difficult takes pictures and it does not offer a camera button. But don’t worry Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus comes with a floating camera button like the Galaxy C7 Pro and Galaxy A5.

The floating camera button is not enabled in the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The user can enable it from within the camera settings. Here is how to enable it;

Go to camera settings  >> Floating camera button >> toggle on Floating camera

Now you can simply move the Floating camera button to anywhere on the screen -Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Tricks.


#4. Enable Selective Focus

The Selective Focus mode lets a user take a number of pictures consecutively with the focus varying across the objects. There is three type of focus level available to choose - near, far and pan focus. The user can manually select the focus level and save all the images individually in all the three modes.

In other words, Selective Focus mode allows a user to choose the depth of field after taking pictures to select whichever focus is apt for the image- Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Tricks.


#5. Pro Mode

Pro Mode is the manual mode.  The user can take the picture and then the mode will allow adding the ISO levels, white balance, shutter speed, and exposure level manually.


#6. Tracking Autofocus

The Tracking Autofocus feature helps to capture an amazing image of a moving object. This will automatically adjust the shooting composition.

To turn on the Tracking Autofocus on the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera;

Launch the Camera app >> Click On Camera app Settings >> Tracking Autofocus>> Turn it On

To use the Tracking Autofocus within Camera app on Galaxy S8;

Launch the Camera app >> Choose Image Object >> Tap on the object’s face

Now, there appears a yellow box on the screen, which indicates that you have selected the focal point. Then snap the shot with that part of the image remaining in focus.


#7. Enable Beauty Mode

The Galaxy S8 Duo is equipped with an 8MP front camera with f/1.7 aperture, autofocus. So the user can take an impressive selfie. The company has provided a Beauty Mode inside the camera app to enhance the selfies. With this mode, the user can correct the imperfections.

To enable this mode, tap on the person with long hair icon, which brings up the varieties of  "beauty" options, like Slim Face, Large Eyes, and even adding fake lighting.


#8. Enable A Photo Filter

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and  S8 Plus comes with a handful of Snapchat-like filters, which is an interesting feature for the selfie lovers. This Photo filter will be more useful for the  Instagram users.

The user can simply get the effect by a swipe to the left on the bottom shutter button and also the user can find Face Masks menu. Ere user can find a variety of filters to choose and they are separated between the landscape pictures and selfies.


#9. Take A Wide-angle Selfie

The wide-angle selfie mode to fit group of people into your selfies. It will let the user to pan device left and right to capture more of the photos. The user can take a wide-angle selfie by swiping right on the camera area. The user can also add more filters to the selfies.


#10. Download Additional Effects

If you are not satisfied it the default filter or features, then you can download Addition Effects from the Galaxy Apps store such as additional filters, stamps, and face masks.