Google Camera v 4.4 Update Supports Double Tap To Zoom, Selfie Flash

Google is now rolling out the new Google Camera v 4.4 update in the Google Play Store. The new update brings double tap to zoom, front-facing selfie flash, toggle button for switch between photos/video, comparatively larger looking shutter button and other small changes.

The double tap to zoom feature will zoom the camera to 50% and when the user double-tap on the display it will zoom out the camera again. This feature provides a shortcut so the user doesn’t need to move the finger on a bar to zoom.

The toggle button allows switching between photo and video modes and it's better than the swipe gesture. They have implemented dedicated toggle buttons and it replaces the previous swipe gesture.

Other changes are, Mute Camera Shutter Sounds option will turn off the shutter sounds from Settings and this feature will only available in selected countries /locations.

 The Selfie Flash feature will turn on the flash to improve the quality of front-facing pictures in low light.

Well, the Google Camera v 4.4 updates right now only available for Nexus, Pixel, or Android One phones which running Android Nougat 7.1.1 OS, Android 7.1 Nougat OS  and above. Right now, the camera app is not available in all regions.