7 Ways To Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Overheating Issue

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the best high-end Smartphone. But most of the users experiencing one major problem is that the Overheating after few hours of usage. The Smartphone comes with a special liquid cooling system to keep the Smartphone cool, even though the Galaxy S7 Edge overheating.

However, overheating is a common problem for high-end devices and it occurs due to the extensive usage including watching movies, playing games, using messengers, and downloading videos etc. So eventually the smartphones overheat and drain the battery life.

If you are experiencing the overheating issues with our Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge then try the following fixes.

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#1.  Turn Off Quick Charging

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge features the Samsung Adaptive fast charging options. The fast charging may cause overheating the device while charging. So disabling the Adaptive fast charging will keep the device from getting hot. The Galaxy S7 Edge users can the turn of the quick charging options by going into the Settings >> Battery >> Turn off fast cable charging & Fast wireless charging.

#2.  Charge In  Safe Mode

Sometimes the third-party applications installed in the S7 Edge run the background synchronization service while it charging and it may cause the overheating issues.If your Galaxy S7 Edge overheating while charging, then charge the device in Safe Mode. To do this, press and hold down the Power button, then tap and hold on Power off until it shows the prompt “Safe mode” in the lower left corner. Next, tap on Restart button. Now the smartphone will reboot into Safe Mode and then charge the device.

If Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is not overheating in safe mode then it caused by the third-party apps in your device. Better to uninstall them and avoid overheating.

#3. Optimize Battery Usage

Sometimes it could be a chance that some third-party apps are the reasons for overheating and battery draining. So, it is important to optimize the battery usage for every application in your Smartphone.  To do this head over to Settings >> Battery >> Battery usage >> More and find the Optimize battery usage. Turn it on for every application. Find the most battery consuming applications and remove it if it’s not using.

#4. Restart Galaxy S7 Edge

Simply restart your Galaxy S7 Edge, it will help the device to solve serious issues in the device. After the restart, the apps that have been running in the background will be closed, and also speed up the RAM.

#5. Check For Software Update

Check for software update because every new version comes with lots of improvement. So the new update will solve these kinds of issues. To check for the new update go to Settings>> Software Update>> here you can check for the new update.

#6. Reduce Brightness

By default, the Galaxy S7 Edge set to Auto-Brightness. It may cause of draining the battery and overheating of S7 Edge. So it’s better to adjust the brightness manually and set to a minimum.

#7. Remove Unnecessary Apps

S7 Edge Overheating is due to multiple processes running the background by the apps. So you must uninstall unnecessary applications from your device.

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These are possible solutions to fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge overheating issue.