7 Best Ways To Extend Google Pixel Battery Life

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones come with 2770mAh battery and 3,450 mAh respectively. It gives better battery life to the device but when it comes to multitasking it consuming huge amount power. In this article, we will give some effective tips to extend Google Pixel battery life.

Well, the Android 7.0 Nougat is a battery drainer so it’s difficult to save the power throughout the day. So try out the below tips to extend Google Pixel battery life.

#1. Check Battery Percentage

The Battery Percentage will give you an idea about the consumptions of battery power. Follow the steps to check battery percentage on Google Pixel :

  • Go to Quick Settings
  • Here you can find the battery percentage
  • Tap the battery icon to see a more detailed battery usage overview

Also, find how long it takes to complete the charging. To do this

  •  Plug in the Google Pixel for charging
  • Open the Quick Settings
  • Click the Battery icon at the top

Here you can find how long it takes to complete the charging.

#2. Use Quick Charge plug

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphone comes with a fast-charging power adaptor. It's enabled with the Quick Charge 3.0 technology and delivers 18w of power. Other adapters or chargers will charge the device very slowly.

Keep your Pixel devices cool and avoid over heating while charging. The battery juice drains out easily when it’s over heat.

#3. Turn on Battery Saver Mode

The Google Pixel device comes with Battery saver mode. This feature will help you to reduce the background data, vibration, location services, and prevents the battery draining.

Follow the below steps to turn on Battery Saver Mode:

  • Go to the Quick Settings
  • Click on the battery icon
  • Now toggle the battery saver to ON

#4. Disable Background Data

It’s a good idea to disable background data because it will consume lots more battery power and the data. Disabling it will help you to save some battery power.

Go to Settings >> Device> > Apps >> Tap the app that use more data >> Data usage >> Disable background data

#5. Lower the brightness

By lowering the display brightness will helps you to save battery life. You can also set the display brightness according to your light condition by turning on the adaptive brightness.

To lower the brightness;

Go to settings >> tap on Display >> Click on brightness level >> Drag the indicator left to lower the brightness.

To turn on according to your light condition

Go to settings >> tap on Display >> Adaptive brightness >> turn it ON

Turn off auto sync

The regular sync of an app such as contacts, calendar Gmail, etc and it will take time. It causes battery life. To Turn off auto sync

Go to Settings >> Personal >> Accounts >> More > Uncheck “Auto-sync data” .

#6.  Close Battery Draining Apps

Some applications very badly drain the battery life even when apps are sleeping. So find the battery draining in apps in your Google pixel device and close it. In order to do this;

  • Head to Settings
  • Select the Battery icon
  • Use since the last charge and find the list of apps.

#7. Uninstall Unused apps

We usually install dozens of applications and use them rarely.  So it’s better to identify the applications that you haven’t used for a while and these apps will consume more power from your device.