Best Selfie Apps For Android Smartphone , 2017

Selfies become most important part of our day to day life. The popularity, Selfie Obsession and sharing the Selfie, is a craze and it immensely increasing day by day. The social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and snapchat made Selfies popular.  From younger to older generation clicking and sharing selfies through various social media platform.So taking selfies is not a big task but capturing the complete beauty of the moment is really a big task. But don’t worry; there are so many best Selfie apps are available on Play Store. The apps will help you to enhance the quality and beauty of the Selfies.

In this article, we shortlisted some best Selfie Apps for Android Smartphone that helps you to edit and enhance the quality of the shot. The selfie apps basically come with a simple interface and many more editing option. Check out the below list and find the best Selfie Apps for Android Smartphone.

#1.  YouCam Perfect - Photo Editor

best best Selfie apps android

The YouCam Perfect- Photo Editor is one of the Selfie Apps for Android Smartphone. It comes with a bundle of cool effects, editing tools, and options to enhance the selfies.

The YouCam Perfect have the options to easily remove wrinkles, adjust skin tone, add filters, erase pimples, reshape your face, edit tired eyes and look thinner the in few touches. This app allows you to edit photos background with mosaic, pix pixelate, vignette, HDR, overlays, and more.

With this app, you can personalize images, add photo blur, Gaussian blur, and defocus the background. It has a Real-Time Skin Beautifying Effects in Beauty Camera & Video Selfies, it enhances the photo and the filter help you to look perfect in the selfie.

The YouCam Perfect comes with other options like Beautify portrait, Full Editing Toolkit, Flawless andLuminous Face, Face Reshaper and much more.

#2.  BeautyPlus - Easy Photo Editor

best best Selfie apps android

The BeautyPlus another best selfie app that we recommend for your Android Smartphone. It let you edit the image instantly while capturing selfies.

The BeautyPlus app comes with an AnimeCam, that add anime filters to your image or group selfies and it turns your selfies into animated collages. This app helps to capture natural looking photo and video selfies.It has the option to brighten the eyes, remove the blemishes, make the skin smooth, edit eye color, blur photos and much more.

Features Of Beauty Plus

  • Skin Editor- it gives radiant complexion to the face and retouches the skin tone
  • Perfect Eyes - Erase dark circles, Brighten eyes and enhance the eye color
  • Create The Perfect Smile -Teeth whitening and enhance the smile
  • Live Auto-Retouch - instantly preview the photo or  video live and add retouch to it
  • Magic Brush
  • Professional Photo Editing -Blur, Crop, Photo Filters, Professional Control

#3.  Retrica

retrica best Selfie apps android

Retrica, one of the top rated and most favorite selfie app. It’s downloaded by over 350 million selfie lovers. It basically creates vintage style photos, natural looking videos, and selfies by using the real-time filters. You can create Instant Collage by tapping on the multiple selfies. It helps you to transform the college shots or video into GIF.

Features Of Retrica

  • Perfect Filters - Capture a selfie with real-time filters
  • Fun Instant Collage – Click multiple selfies and make College instantly
  • Video and GIF – helps you to record live video and make collage shots or video into GIF.
  • Professional Settings - Options included such as Blur, Vignette and selfie timers
  • Fun Stickers – Retrica comes with 100 stickers to decorate the  selfie
  • Doodle & Text – Integrate personal message into Selfies

#4.  Camera for Facebook  (Amazing Studio)

best Selfie apps android

This also called Bright Camera for Facebook, with this app you can simply create and share selfies on Facebook, Instagram, a WhatsApp simple. It is basically a combination of selfie camera, android photo gallery, photo portrait editor, Facebook, WhatsApp photo and Instagram share app.

Features Of Camera for Facebook

  •  Beautification & makeup mode – highlight the skin in one touch
  • Beauty camera photo effects –  add Photoshop effects, bokeh effects, pastel themes, retro camera effects, neon lights
  • Radial Tilt- backlight effect, violet light, azure blue, blur effect
  • Glow art photo filters and lens: sweet hearts, disco light, stars of love, light rays of love,  bubble pop, etc
  • Love quotes photo frames
  • Photo gallery
  • Smart gallery organizer
  • Instant sharing  option to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

#5.  B612 - Selfiegenic Camera (LINE Corporation )

B612 best selfie app

B612 is another popular selfie app with the nice user interface and its developed by LINE Corporation. It is downloaded around 300 million times worldwide. This app specially designed for selfies with some interesting and fresh options available to enhance the selfies.

Features Of B612

  • Selfie videos –  It record  3 or 6-second video clip with quality audio.
  • Vignette – darken the borders of photos and highlight the object
  • Rear camera support
  • Random filter

#6.  Candy Camera -Photo Editor ( JP Brothers, Inc.)

best best Selfie apps android

Candy Camera selfie app has 70 million active users and 27+ millions users reviews this app. The Candy Camera app comes with a diverse range of beautifying filters and silent mode, so you can take selfies anywhere and anytime. It is specially designed for selfies.

Features of Candy Camera

  • A various range of filters for selfies
  • The filters are shown real-time while capturing selfies
  • Beauty Functions in the filter camera
  • Additional editing tools
  • Included the beauty functions like Slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner
  • Every type of Stickers available, it can be resized and moved using multi-touch
  • It has huge sticker collection
  • The cute stickers available for the  selfies
  • The artistic stickers for photography
  • Silent camera
  • You can capture silent selfies, or photos anywhere you go!
  • Collage photos
  • Different grids and styles available for colleage

#7. Sweet Selfie Candy New Name (Ufoto)

best Selfie apps android

Sweet Selfie is a new selfie app with some impressive filters. You can add filters in seconds to your selfies, stickers, and emoji. With this app, you can create natural looking selfies and easy sharing options are available.

Features of Sweet Selfie Candy New Name

  • Smart auto beautify option
  • Selfie Filters
  •  Editing options include Blur, Vignette, and retro
  • Easy to sharing selfies buttons
  • Real-time Filter effects
  • Selfie Timer
  • Mirror Photo Camera

#8.  BestMe Selfie Camera (RILEY CILLIAN)

best Selfie apps android

BestMe Selfie Camera another best selfie app for your Android smartphone. It comes with around 125 Real-time filters and Photo Editor with 100+ Filters and Stickers.

Features Of BestMe Selfie Camera

  • 125 Real-time filters
  • Mirror Real-time filter
  •  Filter grid Real-time filter
  • Real-time collage
  • Stickers designed for selfie
  • Face Recognition prank stickers
  • Photo Editor with 100+ Filters and stickers
  • Blur option for Instagram
  • Sharing button for  Instagram, Facebook, Wechat, VK, LINE, KAKAO, and More.

#9. Photo Editor By Aviary

best Selfie apps android

Photo Editor by Aviary is one of the solid and powerful photo editors. It helps you to create professional looking selfies by a single tap. It has a wonderful user interface so you can enhance photos with no fuss.

Features Of Photo Editor By Aviary

  • Single tap auto enhance
  • Filters and Frames available
  • You can adjust the Colour balance
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and color temperature,
  • Available drawing option  and add text option
  • Bunch of cosmetic tools available

#10.   LINE Camera - Photo Editor (LINE Corporation)

 best Selfie apps android

LINE Camera - Photo editor app provides powerful editing tools for selfies and professional photos. You can capture quick images with the inner camera and this app comes with over 20,000 unique stamps.


  • Selfies: Take a quick photo with the inner camera.
  • Camera features: timer, flash, level, grid, mirror mode
  • Filters: Brighten up the photos
  • Add Text: With this, you can add catchy slogans to your photos, create favorite meme
  • Stamps:  available over 20,000 unique stamps


Well, these are the Best Selfie Apps for Android 2017. From our list, you can choose best selfie app that completes your needs best.