Try These Top 10 Best Offline iPhone Games That You Can Play Without Internet

The App store is loaded with so many free and paid games but unfortunately, most of them need an active data connection. It’s not possible to activate the data connections every time because the iPhone and iPad battery drains very badly while in the internet connection. However, there are many free best offline iPhone games are available which can be played without an active data connection.

Here we shortlisted 10 outstanding offline games for the iOS platform.

#1. Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Suicide Squad: Special Ops is one of the best free offline Movie tie-in game with no advertisements. It has a well designed and neat user interface. The user can play as three important characters from the movie named El Diablo, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot. The player is fighting against the waves of humanoid monsters.The user can play the games as long as he/she can survive. These three characters have different weapons and unique skills. TheSuicide Squad: Special Ops is the best first-person shooter offline iPhone games.

#2.  Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer one of the best and perfect casual football game. It comes with multiple camera modes, broadcast camera mode and auto replay options.Dream League Soccer has the International Federation of Professional Footballers FIFPro license to use official players faces and names. You can create very own Dream Team, control it, create stadium to showcase the players.The notable part of the game is that it doesn’t need the internet connections. It's a free offline ios games.

#3. Zombies Farm 2

Zombies Farm 2 is an interesting game and it allows you to completely enjoy all kind of farming technique. Surprisingly, here you are farming zombies and you can grow and harvest Zombies.You can take your grown zombies to the battlefield to invoke zombies fight with enemies.

#4.  Tales of Monkey Island

Tales of Monkey Island is another best offline iPhone games. The game has a detailed, vibrant, and rich user interface. Well, it’s not the old Monkey Island computer games that launched in 1990.It’s comedy puzzle solving game to get through. They have designed it with the bubbly art style.The modern “Tales of Monkey Island” story begins with the character Guybrush. He is trying to save his wife Elaine from the LeChuck, the zombie pirate.

 #5. Criminal case

In our list, next one is the most favorite at the same time an addictive case solving the game Criminal case. You are joining Grimsborough police to solve the cases and murder mysteries. Each level is interesting and difficult one. You have the mission to gather all information regarding the case, find the clues, and find the real culprit. It’s a free to download the game so give it a try and unleash the investigator in you.

 #6. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is the sequel of the best adventurous running game Temple Run. It has a high-quality graphics with an amazing background and every single thing detailed. For Temple Run 2, the developing team used the Unity development platform.Temple Run 2 is the endless runner game. In this game your character to run without falling to the doom, hitting face into bridges or trees, or getting caught by the monster that chasing you.It's a top free offline ios games

#7. Radiation Island

It’s a survival adventure game and it has an open mysterious world environment where you find your destiny. The game is based on collecting, crafting, slaying, and surviving. You can use everything to survive and solve the puzzle to get back to the real world.

 #8. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is not a free game and available to purchase at $3.99. It’s a one of the offline game to play. In Monument Valley the character Ida — a silent princess is traveling through a stunning architecture world. The Monument Valley has another character like Totem who is a friendly obelisk and a disturbing crow people, which can block the path. The game is based on optical illusions.

#9. Bakery Town

Do you interested in Baking? Then go for Bakery Town. You can bake delicious cakes, cookies, muffins, mouth-watering pies and much more.Also, you can make different types of tea, coffee, smoothies, and milkshakes. Treat our customers with a tasty menu and expand your business then invest for new appliances.Bakery Town is absolutely a free best offline iPhone games to kill your time. In-app purchases are available in this game. If you are not interested in it then disable it in your device settings.

#10. Dashy Crashy

Dashy Crashy is the free best offline iPhone games to try. The game is starting from a busy road and never crash anywhere on the road or the other vehicle. The game has an easy and cartoon style user interface with simple gameplay.

These are the best offline iPhone games according to our perceptive and all of them allow you to play without active internet connections. Certainly, we missed some other popular games.