Best Battery Saver Apps For Android Smartphones In 2017

Almost all the Smartphone users are not satisfied with their battery life. Especially when it comes to android Smartphone, the battery draining is very high comparatively the iPhone or windows devices.

The smartphones drain the power quickly because it has come with numerous features includes big screens, 3G/4G technology, Dual SIMS, Wifi, and higher speed CPU, junk file, unnecessary application running in the background, gaming and much more.

We can save the battery life to one extent by using the battery saver applications. These battery saver applications detect the exact reason behind the battery draining and boost the battery life. There is plenty of battery saver application is available in the play store. Here we have shortlisted ten best battery saver applications. If you are really sick of the battery draining issue then you can try out following applications.

#1. DU Battery Saver

Best Battery Saver Apps

DU Battery Saver is the one of the best Battery Saver App for an android smartphone. Over 400 million peoples are using DU Battery Saver App. It saves the battery life up to 50 percent.This application automatically detects the battery charge consuming apps and background apps, then immediately close the unnecessarily running apps and fixes the issues.

The DU Battery Saver apps user interface shows an enhanced data of the battery usages. It has a unique feature called “Phone cooler”, which close the non-active CPU intensive apps. The "Task Killer” option optimise the power usage conveniently and it manages  Wifi, Data, Brightness, and set power saving modes.

#2. Battery Doctor (Power Saver)

Best Battery Saver Apps

Battery Doctor one of the powerful battery save app and it has an awesome user-friendly interface. This app gives the real time data and it notifies the user to turn off the mobile data, or WiFi to save from the battery draining. It has a one-tap power optimisation option, which stops the power consuming apps from running.

The Battery Doctor power saver has the complete control over the Power-draining Apps. It will selectively close the power consuming applications. The application automatically shows that how long your battery power will last under various situations. It supports 28 languages, Brightness control, shows the accurate battery remaining time and charging time.

#3. JuiceDefender - Battery saver

Best Battery Saver Apps

JuiceDefender is another best battery saver and it extends the battery life of the Android device. This application automatically detects and manage the most battery power consuming components such as 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi. It has a preset mode, which gains the hours of battery life in one tap. The JuiceDefender allows the user to customise the application via clean and intuitive user interface. After the customization, the application runs by itself. It has made over 7 million downloads.

#4. Battery Saver 2017

Best Battery Saver Apps

Battery Saver 2017 is a powerful and accurate app. This application has a power saver mode; a user can turn on this mode when the battery charge drops to a minimum threshold level. It has automatically turned off the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and display, it saves the battery life. Battery Saver 2017 app offers a different kind of power saving modes such as sleep mode, work mode, class mode and customised mode. It has a Unique 3 Stage Charging system, which makes sure that the device gets the most out of battery life and also notifies that not overcharge the device.

#5. Mobile Booster (Boost & Clean)

Mobile Booster (Boost & Clean)

The Mobile Booster battery saver is from the McAfee. It has a Battery Saver mode, which turns off unnecessary apps running on the background and power-draining applications. This app removes the unwanted files, temporary files, similar images, ad files and frees up the storage space. This app monitors the data usage and the QUICK BOOST option provides the device performance accordingly.

#6. Avast Battery Saver

Best Battery Saver Apps

The Avast Battery Saver has some useful option to extend the battery life. This app optimises the Smartphone setting and closes the apps that user is not using. Also, it speeds up your device and saves battery charge. The Avast Battery Saver app increases the battery life up to 20 percent to  30 percent by stopping apps that running in the background.

This battery saver application has an option to choose from 5 profiles, includes Smart, Home, Work, Night, and Emergency. These profiles are based on the time, location and battery level. It detects most power consuming applications and deactivate it. This also checks the CPU and RAM usage. It shows the accurate estimation of remaining battery life.

#7. Battery HD

Best Battery Saver Apps

Battery HD comes with the user-friendly interface. The best feature of this app is that the user can calibrate this application as per the device type. Users can immediately find the percentage power left for a particular application, just one tap. It monitors the battery life accurately and this app got over 10 MILLION downloads. Once the device is fully charged, this app gives an alert and users can remove from over charging.

#8. Greenify

Best Battery Saver Apps

Greenify is developed for the android smartphone. It has effectively saved the battery power by ‘hibernation’ mode. This mode hibernates all the inactive app and stops them from running in the background. So this app saves the battery life and prevents the device from lagging. Obviously, some of the applications get started automatically starts and this prevents such things.

#9. AccuBattery

Best Battery Saver Apps

Accu Battery keeps safe from battery health and shows the battery consumption data. This application measures the battery capacity in real-time (mAh). The application has an option called charge alarm, to extend the duration of battery life. It allows users to find how much battery wear was encountered during the device charging.

This Accu Battery application measures the exact battery usage using by battery charge controller information. It monitors how much power is using the device and how long the power is available. It detects how much power each app uses. Also, this battery saver application allows user to check how fast the device is charging when the screen is on or off.

#9. 360 Battery Plus - Battery Saver

This app extends the battery life and it uses the power saving mode to cut down the charging time. It has three different to protect all the battery life; they are battery time monitoring, power saving mode and battery charging time reducer.

The battery time monitoring finds the battery charge draining apps and notify. The power saving mode allows the user to close all the battery eating apps in the background with a single tap. The battery charging time reducer will reduce the battery usage during the charging time.


Finally, these are best ten battery saver applications for your android device. These applications extend the battery life and boost the performance of the device.