6 Things You Should Know About Android smartphones overheating Issue

The Android smartphones get overheated easily after the extensive usage of the device.  If you are a person who depends on your Android Smartphone for every single thing including browsing, chatting, gaming, streaming, mailing etc, then definitely your device gets overheated. Even though some other various reasons could affect the Android Smartphones overheating nature. Here are the reasons why Android Smartphones Overheating?

Check out the article and learn about the Android smartphones overheating issue and their solutions.

Incompatible or Low-Quality Charger

Often the Android smartphone users use the low quality or incompatible chargers. This makes the device to heat up very badly and even the incompatible charger could lead to the battery damage, so there was more chance of the explosion of the device. So we recommend you to use the original charger that coming with the Android Smartphones packs.

Over Charging The Battery

Most of the Smartphone users have the tendency to put the device in charge before they go sleep and only they take it out on the morning. So a lot of charge goes into the battery and it raises the temperature inside the device and battery. This makes the Android phone hot.

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High Brightness

If your Android Smartphone display set to high brightness then it will heat up very badly. So it is important to reduce the brightness and keep the device cooler.

Simultaneously Running Heavy Apps

If the user runs different apps simultaneously then the device has a heavy CPU load. Each application in the Smartphone consumes the power badly and leads to battery draining and heat up the device. For instance, if you are browsing with Google Chrome, opened more than 5 tabs and using Facebook messenger and video calling, then for sure, your device gets overheated.

Software Upgrade

Android Smartphone and tablet heat up due to the new software upgrade. For instance, the recent Android Nougat software updates made many overheating issues on Android smartphones. If having troubles with the new upgrade then downgrades your android device to prevent overheating.

No Active Cooling

All the Android Smartphone comes in highly improved, efficient and fast hardware. After the extensive it automatically gets hot. The Smartphones doesn't have any active cooling support there is no way to balance the heat. So the faster hardware generates more heat.