5 Great Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Features That Make Really Stands Out

Samsung has recently launched the flagship beast dubbed Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It’s the first ever Samsung device comes with the Dual camera setup. However, the Galaxy Note 8 dual camera offers some cool features to it including Dual Optical Image Stabilization, Live Focus etc. Here are the top 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Features.

#1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Features: Dual 12MP Rear Cameras

Finally, Samsung has implemented the dual camera set up on Galaxy Note 8. It houses a 12MP Dual Pixel camera with Wide-angle lens, f/1.7, OIS and 12MP Telephoto lens f/2.4, OIS.

The Wide-angle camera is the main camera with a traditional normal lens and Telephoto sensor is the second camera with 2x optical zoom. It provides quality images.

Both the cameras have a different aperture, such as the main camera with an aperture of f/1.7 and the second camera with f/2.4.  So the telephoto lens needs more light.

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#2. Dual Optical Image Stabilization

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the first device comes with Dual Optical Image Stabilization. Unlike other Smartphone makers, the company has added the Optical Image Stabilization to both the cameras.

The Galaxy Note 8’s dual cameras are integrated with a gyro motor, which helps to attain the focus on an object while shaking our hands and compensates this kind of motion. So the user can easily able to capture longer zoomed clear and sharp images.

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#3. Wide angle lens with 2x Zoom

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 houses the 12MP main camera with Wide angle lens. It has the larger aperture of f/1.7 for better low light performance.

A wide angle lens comes with an option for a 2x optical zoom, which easily zooms lens to bring the object in position without losing the quality by using digital zoom. So the user gets an ultimate and sharp closer looks.

The 2x optical zoom option is available in the viewfinder window. To zoom an object, then simply taps on it and it will switch to the closer view.

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#4. Live Focus

Like Apple’s Portrait Mode, Samsung has introduced a new feature called "Live Focus". It brings the objects into focus and then blurring the background. Live Focus also comes with the option to adjust the amount of blur level either before capturing the photo or after the photo is processed.

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#5. Dual-capture mode

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has dual lenses that allow the user to capture images from both lenses simultaneously, this feature dubbed as a dual-capture mode. With this mode, the user will get the two frames in one.