4 Ways To Play Android YouTube Background – How To Play YouTube Video Or Music In Background

YouTube is the most popular and biggest video streaming service in the world. Millions of people are using it on a daily basis to stream videos, upload video content, to listen to music and more.

It has YouTube applications for iOS and Android platforms. The users can also browse the YouTube via various mobile browsing platforms including Google Chrome, Firefox, opera, safari and etc.

Unfortunately, YouTube Apps never allow you to play the videos or music in the background or browser is minimized. But the company has introduced an official YouTube Red application to play the video or music in the background. It comes with the costs of around $10/month, but this feature is only available in the US. Of course, the $10 per monthly subscription is quite a big amount.

What if you want to play music or video in the background for free while browsing the web or going to bed?

Then, worry not there is several tricks available which allow you to enjoy playing videos in android YouTube background.

#1.  Play Youtube background Video With Mozilla Firefox browser

You play the Youtube screen off keep playing with the Mozilla Firefox browser which is available in the Google Playstore. To do this follow the below steps;

Go to the Android Playstore and then download and install Mozilla browser

  • Open the Mozilla browser
  • Go to www.m.youtube.com
  • Click on the three dots on the top right corner
  • Hit on the desktop tab
  • Now you will be redirected to YouTube the desktop site
  • Play your favorite music or video and minimize the browser
  • This will keep playing music or video in the android background and even when you off the screen

#2.  Play Android Youtube background With MX Player

  • Head to Google play store and Download and install MX Player
  • Also, install the Uc Browser
  • Then open the MX Player > Setting > Player > Now, Tick on Background Play to play the audio in the background
  • Close the MX Player
  • Now open the UC Browser
  • Go to the https://m.youtube.com or www.youtube.com and play the video
  • Tap on Touch Expand button to play the video on full screen
  • Now select the "Play with" option from the corner and it will open a window
  • Tap on MX Player
  • Now the video is playing on MX Player
  • Minimize the MX Player by pressing the Home Button
  • Now the video is playing in the background of your Smartphone

#3.  Play YouTube Video in the background with Pop-up Video App

  • Go to the Google Playstore
  • Download and install Pop-up Video App
  • Once you first launch Pop-up Video the application it will ask you to provide the permission to enable Pop-up Video to draw over other apps.
  • Tap on the Go to setting and enable the permission
  • Go back to the application and play the video
  • Now the vide will be running in pop-up windows

#4.  NewPipe App

This is the best and lightweight open source repository that available on F-droid. With this app, you can play video in the background and multitask on your Smartphone. It will play the video even when you minimize the app or turn off the screen.

Find here

Final Thought                         

So these are the four different ways to play the Android YouTube background. With the help of android web browser or the above apps, you can play youtube videos or music in the android background.