10 Free Best Android Emulator For Windows 10, 2017

The Android platform is growing day by day. There are millions of Android applications are available on the Google Play store. Well, we can’t install all the android applications in our Smartphone but we can install them on our PC with the help of an android emulator.

The Android emulator is a software program that the user can install Android OS on PC. It will allow the users to enjoy the applications on the bigger screen with high-quality graphics interfaces. There are so many android emulators are available in the market and it will work both Windows PC and Mac OS.

Mainly, the Android developers might use the android emulator to develop, run and debug the android applications. Now, many common people are installing it for playing games and enjoying the full Android experience on their PC.

In this article, we have shortlisted 10 free best Android emulator for Windows 10. If you are looking for an android emulator for Windows 10 then read the full article and choose the right one for your PC.

#1. NOX

NOX is a newer free Android emulator available to download for PC. It’s based on Android 4.4 KitKat, this offers advanced features and performance. NOX has an outstanding user interface and it boasts inbuilt Google Play Store support.  The simulate touch feature is help user to play the game and the script record option allows the users to record specific things on the screen. It has the multiplayer feature helps the users to run multiple functions at the same time. With this emulator, the user can customize the settings as they want such as full screen or full HD resolution for 720p or. Even the user can change the graphics properties including Open GL or Direct X, as well as the performance like the amount of RAM, allocation of processor cores and CPU speed. The best part of NOX is that the company has released many upgrades and included more options for game players and developers. It completely free and works very smoothly and it’s speedy.

#2. Andy

Andy android emulator itself called as “your desktop mobile”. It’s the Best android emulator for windows 10. Andy offers a complete android experience and the user can install launchers, games, even install root access. The emulator comes with a virtual gadget and it provides a mouse and keyboard. The emulator allows the users to synchronize Smartphone with the computer. It has a clean and responsive interface with proper navigation. This emulator works with Windows 7 or later version and also in Mac and it's absolutely free to download. The Andy emulator is a real platform for who wish to play android games on the computer.

#3.  GenyMotion

GenyMotion is a free best android emulator for windows 10. It’s mainly targeting the professional developers rather than normal users. It allows the user to select an Android smartphone to enable and choose to install any Android version including Android 4.4 KitKat to Android 7.0 Nougat. GenyMotion emulator is compatible with Android Studio, Android SDK tools, and Eclipse. It also supports the web browsers including Webkit for Android and Firefox for Android. This free android emulator offers hardware acceleration and Open GL. For faster performance, it is built on X86 Architecture. Other features it supports, can test apps with different battery levels, GPS location-based app testing and webcam works as an Android camera.

#4.  MEmu

MEmu is lightweight and high-performing android emulator. It is pre-installed with multiple kernels including Android Jellybean, KitKat, and Lollipop. This emulator ill get the Marshmallow and Nougat support soon. MEmu is compactable with Nvidia powered Windows PC, Intel, and AMD processors. The user can customize the setting likes CPU and RAM. It comes with Google Play Store pre-installed and it supports features like keyboard mapping, full-screen mode, kill process’ tool, a screenshot tool, and record touch-screen actions.

#5.  BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the best free android emulators for PC. It is based on Android 4.4 KitKat even though it’s a solid Android emulator so this list would’ve have been incomplete without mentioning it. This emulator comes with Google Play Store, supports multitasking and integration with peripherals. It supports Facebook Live through BlueStacks TV and even the user can live stream with Twitch. Additionally, it has a simple one-click installation and has a responsive user interface.

#6.  AMIDuOS

AMIDuOS,  is yet another Android emulator for PC. It is also called as DuOS. The user can easily switch between Windows OS and Android. It delivers a full Android experience. Before installing this emulator make sure that the device has Microsoft Net framework 4.0 or above and the Virtualisation Technology is enabled in BIOS. It offers 3D acceleration for higher performance, and it using Windows OpenGL drivers. This emulator is pre-installed with Amazon App store rather than the Google Play Store. It ‘s a paid application and there is 30 days free trial available.

 #7.  Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player itself called the most advanced Android game emulator for PC. This one of the free best android emulator for windows 10. It’s based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS and it offers an immersive Android experience to the PC. With this application, the user can to play multiple games simultaneously, remap the keyboards and it has an efficient software optimization feature. The emulator comes with Google Play Store and the Remix Central app provides the recommendations of trending game and apps.

#8. Droid4X

Droid4X is new and fastest growing emulator in the Android market. The company is offering continuous upgrades for it to meet high-end user experience. It works on Windows and Mac and delivers a very smooth gaming experience. The Droid4X runs its virtual machine as a guest OS and it uses the same hardware configuration of the PC. It offers a very smooth gameplay for Candy Crush Saga, Asphalt 8, Temple Run, Combat 5, and Subway Surfers.

#9.  YouWave

The YouWave is free windows based android emulator. It comes in two different version free and premium version; the free version runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich with Ads. The paid version comes with Android Lollipop Operating System. Well, it has not updated for years. Unlike the other android emulator, it doesn’t need a high system configuration so if you are looking for a basic emulator to run the Android apps then you can go for it.

#10.  Android Studio emulator

Android Studio is a Google’s development IDE for Android. It basically for android professionals to create, debug and run applications. It has a built-in emulator that allows the users to test the app or games. Well, it’s not a good option for the consumer level usage. The list would’ve have been incomplete without mentioning Android Studio.

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Final Thoughts

Finally, this was my list of 10 free best Android emulator for Windows 10. The above-listed emulators are free to download. Choose the right Android emulator and enjoy the full Android experience on your PC.